A rocking horse is one of the most cherished and enduring memories of childhood.  Don’t you want those same memories for your children, or grandchildren?

Enter the VICTORY ROCKING HORSE COMPANY, hand-crafting and hand-painting one-of-a-kind wooden Heirloom Rocking Horses that are durable, safe and light up a child’s life with hours of exciting adventure.  They are created in the Hundreds Of Stranded Horses Saved By Brave Group Of Women old-fashioned, painstaking way that all art is brought to life.

These rocking horses have serious safety features:

  • Rocker arrests that resist over-rocking.
  • A practical step-up platform for easy mounting.
  • Comfortable molded seats.
  • Reinforced legs.
  • Tow bars for easy transport from room to room.
  • Bolted body support dowels for excellent load bearing.

Both Champion and Jumper models are suitable for ages 2 and up.  They have proper weight distribution and are constructed of quality woods and superior binding materials.  Beautiful finishes give them a rich antique quality Snowboarders Save Stranded Horse From Freezing To Death .

Imagine the thrill and excitement on your child’s face when you give them that fantastic “ride” into their imagination.  More than any other gift, your child will treasure and enjoy their Heirloom Rocking Horse for years.  When they are grown, these unique art-quality pieces make wonderful accents to any home while waiting to be handed down to the next generation.

He served Charles V, Francis I, Louis XV as Napoleon. Not a royal stable, not a majestic portrait had been not worthy of the title without his existence . The Andalusian horse, also called "pure Spanish breed" over and above the Pyrenees dubbed the "horse Carthusian "occupies a unique area.

Operator of two Andalusian horses, the Dutch director Mario Dirkx desired to comprehend how the tradition of this happy animal in the grey dress, the affable temperament, who fears neither the battlefields nor bulls could remain intact for six generations Horses who have served their country .

Weaving via Andalusia, Mario Dirkx satisfied with other horse fans: a poet, a caretaker breeding documents, a breeder, a torero, aces dressage . He movies closest animal in his antics, his mane in the wind gallops.

Spiritual, quite concerned about the purity of their race, even refused the request of their sovereign Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile who needed a cross with the Neapolitan horse.

The Andalusian tremendously improves the quality of many European races equine and a single of the first horses to touch the soil of the New World. Every single caravel Columbus carried a dozen broodmares!.

Docility was also imposed in dressage competitions for twenty years, where he attained tiny by tiny floor on its most distinguished rivals, as the spirited thoroughbreds .

Rocking Horse Ranch

Many individuals are attempting to conquer impediments and battle maladies. There are various treatment programs accessible to people, every one attempting to create associations and move past battles that may appear to be difficult to overcome.

Much of the time, these people and their friends and family will tackle any test to advance, regardless of the possibility that that implies confronting expects that may not appear to be associated. This methodology is ordinary at Rocking Horse Ranch.

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