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To:                   Victory Rocking Horse Company

Good Morning,

My husband Mark and I purchased one of your rocking horses in December 2006 for my 1st grandson Jake.  At the time, Jake was only 10 months old.  I will never forget the faces on everyone that was over my house for Christmas.  When Mark took it out of the bedroom and put it in front of the Christmas tree their mouths dropped.  They remarked on how beautiful and well made the horse was.  I later learned that when people go over to my son and daughter-in-laws house in Ft. Meyers or the first time to see Jake, my daughter-in-law has to show them Jakes room, while they are there to see the rocking horse.  My daughter-in-law says they talk about the rocking horse in the room and even after they leave the room.

I have already asked my daughter-in-law when we are having a little girl, she wants to know what’s the rush.  I told her we already have a rocking horse picked out for her.

The other great thing about this gift is that Jake will have this for many years as he gets older.  We do not get to see Jake as much as we would like, because he does not live close to us.  So it is great to know that as he gets older he will remember that his grandma and grandpa gave this gift to him.

Thank you once again and keep up the great work.

Jeanette and Mark Rodriguez
Boca Raton

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To:                   Victory Rocking Horse Company

Dear Peter,

Thank you so much for sending Hanna’s picture.  She loves her horse and has named him Bullseye – the horse from Toy Story.

Hanna will be showcasing her new toy at her third birthday party next month.  I will be sure to send people to your website and still have your business card if they want to purchase one also.

Thank you for making such a wonderful heirloom our family will treasure for generations to come!

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