The History of Victory Heirloom Rocking Horses

    Victory Heirloom Rocking Horses were first created in 1976 out of necessity.  I wanted to give my young daughter a rocking horse for her third Christmas.  After exhaustive research into available styles, none were appealing or very unique.  They mostly had the horse’s legs splayed onto the rockers in a very rigid posture.  The plastic ones had better posture, but were, well --- PLASTIC!  I wanted something different and functional, yet exciting with timeless heirloom quality.  I realized that I would have to design them myself.

    To create free, dynamic action postures and have significant load bearing capability, I had to use a different support mechanism for which patents are currently pending.  The rockers needed a step-up platform to make it easier for children of all ages to mount the large rocking horses.  They had to have decorative, yet functional tow-bars so the child can easily move the horse.  I chose classic horse postures from the finest examples of horsemanship; the classic “Lavade” pose made famous by the Royal Lipizzan Stallions of Austria (Champion Model) and the majestic jump as the horse clears a Steeplechase (Jumper Model).

    The “Jumper” was the first model created in 1976 and three decades later, my daughter still has it and will likely pass it on to her young son.

    Thus were born the Victory Heirloom Rocking Horses. They are totally unique and now available for your special child’s enjoyment as well.