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At the end of 2018, at the age of 40, I just read the outline of your autistic woman last year 13 schedule. "Chloe is a very intelligent woman, but considerations were raised just after she started to become more and more sensitive and troubled. Chloe is extremely tangible and incredibly sincere. It challenges increasingly in interpersonal conditions A Parenting Influencer .. " Because I read more, tears started coming my bottom. In Chloe, I could see myself personally. All my life I struggled to relate to swaddle.info features people, side expose, and participate in a group. Men and women labeled me as too smart or too trusting the truth too much or too reckless or too idealistic too tangible. Members of the older family often described my interpersonal difficulties absent, saying that I was "diverse". The acquisition still knows me perplexed, depressed, confused, andmisjudged as long as I can remember. Now with Chloe, first in my life I associated with another person. Naturally interested in autism, I immersed myself in the investigation over the next 3 days. Curiously, once I was referring to materials developed by neo-autistic, I thought even extinguish: autism seemed like a terrifying negative condition. But the more I read the documents compiled by autistic people more desperate than I thought, "residence ET! " To confirm, my mother and my father, friend, spouse, and I made some test evaluations. All to autism. We DSM-5 standards for decision autism details of the methods to which it relates me: my difficulties with people, my reaction to new conditions, my mind seems. Have a look at how children with autism encounter cultural situations . Armed with this information, I went to a specialized psychiatrist for confirmation

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